Headquartered in Hong Kong The Contracts Group provides specialist commercial and contractual services to the construction industry.  

The Contracts Group Ltd. was formed in 2011 by merging the resources, skills and experience of Brian E. Rawling & Associates Ltd., Cannonway Consultants Ltd. and PowerPoint Consultants Ltd. to form a major construction consultancy. These firms have each been operating for up to 23 years and each of the Principals has up to 40 years' experience in the construction industry.  With the benefit of our many years of experience we can often recommend a variety of approaches and solutions to construction problems and disputes to give the best outcome for our clients.


We work on all types of construction including :




We have a very strong and experienced management team selected from different sectors of the construction industry. Each member of our senior staff has many years of experience in the construction process and specialist skills in particular disciplines. This wide ranging skill and knowledge base is available to ensure full and complete coverage of any situation encountered in an assignment.

Executive Directors:

Colin B. Lee, Executive Director
Peter L. K. Tang, Executive Director

We provide our services to all types of organisations involved in the construction industry.  Please follow the links below to see examples of some of the clients to whom we have provided our services.