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Webinar: Pace Oddity

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Organiser(s): The Society of Construction Law Hong Kong (SCLHK)

Name of Event: Pace Oddity: An exploration of the risks and opportunities associated with slowing down works (Pacing Delays)

Date & Time: Tuesday, March 8th 2022 6:30 am – 7:30 pm (HKT)

Location: Online

Language(s): English

Fees: Free for members and HK$ 200 for non-members

In this seminar, SCHLHK speakers probe the potential consequences of a Contractor's decision to decelerate some or all of its Works in response to a delay event for which the Employer is responsible. In particular, this seminar will consider some of the ways Employers and Contractors might gain or lose from 'pacing delays' as well as the contractual provisions that might come in to play when pacing occurs. It will also consider how critical path analysis, and treatment of concurrent delays, may be impacted by a decision to pace.

Details/ Registration Link

Registration Deadline: Nil

CPD: SCLHK is in the process of applying to the Hong Kong Law Society for CPD points for this webinar.

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