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Webinar: Planning for a Smart City

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  • Hong Kong Institute of Planners (HKIP)
  • Singapore Institute of Planners (SIP)

Name of Event: HKIP x SIP Webinar Series #2: "Planning for a Smart City"

Date & Time: Monday, July 5th 2021 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (HKT)

Location: Online

Language(s): English

Fees: Free

In this digital era, urban development is becoming more significantly affected by emerging technologies. Cities all over the world, including Singapore and Hong Kong, have benefited from digital innovation to become  "smarter" and, in the process, promoting economic growth and the well-being of societies. To share and explore smart city planning possibilities among planners in Hong Kong and Singapore, the Hong Kong Institute of Planners (HKIP) and Singapore Institute of Planners (SIP) are co-organising a webinar on the "Planning for a Smart City".

Details/ Registration Link

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, June 30th 2021

CPD: Please contact Monique Tai at (852) 2915 6212

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