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Webinar: Target-setting for Long-term Decarbonisation

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Organiser(s): Business Environment Council (BEC)

Name of Event: Target-setting for Long-term Decarbonisation: A Practical Challenge for Businesses in Hong Kong

Date & Time: Monday, August 2nd 2021 3:00 – 4:10 pm (HKT)

Location: Online

Language(s): English

Fees: Please visit the registration link below for details.

SMEs and other companies looking to start their decarbonisation journey face the challenge of enhancing their climate change knowledge and identifying a starting point. What can companies do to kickstart their target-setting process? For those looking to take a step further, what should they consider when setting a science-based target? Join BEC Low Carbon Charter at this webinar to hear insights from academics and practitioners on the relevance of climate change to business and their experiences on target-(re)setting.

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