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Dispute Management

Ventria Residence, Hong Kong

Service provided by:

Senior Programming Analyst


Ventria Residence, Hong Kong


Foreign Investor in Hong Kong


An independent review to analyse the effects and delays caused by the delaying events and analyse the responsibility for the delays.


To provide a detailed forensic delay investigation by investigation of tasks and the activities to model the real project situation.


The Employer was satisfied on facts that were demonstrated on a clear delay analysis presentation method and productivity analysis.

Contract No. 12/WSD/06

Successful negotiations between parties leading to the settlement of accounts.

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MTRC XRL Contract 824

The prospect of the independent Expert providing opinion on unresolved matters led to a large…

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Central Government Office Building

The JV was granted the full extension of time and relate the actual costs incurred…

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Construction of Liangtang/ Heung Yuen Wan Boundary Control Point BCP Buildings and Associated Facilities

Successful negotiations between the Main Contractor and the Employer leading to settlement of claims.

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Regional Fast Rail Project

The variations and claims submissions by the Main Contractors' team facilitated the amicable negotiation and…

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