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Project Recovery

Should a project be in an adverse position, such as in delay or over budget, there are several steps that can be taken to recover the project and get it back on track. Our experienced project staff can undertake a proven 4 step process and give you an independent view of feasible options and recommendations as well as help you to implement the actions required.

  • Current Status
    The first step to be taken is to find out the true current status of the project. This will involve an examination of the programme and/or budget as well as gathering information from your project team in order to produce an independent report on the true current status and the issues.
  • Options for Recovery
    After determining the current status, appropriate future options are examined with your team and different scenarios for programme, budget and resource changes examined in detail.
  • Recommendations
    After identifying the suitable options we will produce a report describing the most feasible options together with implementation recommendations for how to proceed.
  • Actions and Responsibilities
    If required, we can then assist your team to implement the recovery actions and ensure that the recovery options are working and that the project is now trending in the right direction.

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