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Programme Management Office

The start-up of new projects and the establishment of teams and project facilities is often a stressful time for a client or contractor. Staff need to be sourced or mobilized, processes put in place and often for several different disciplines and teams at once. We can offer resource to enable you to get the project mobilized, processes put in place and initial deliverables produced.

  • Standards and Processes
    We can quickly develop and put in place standards and processes to help clients mobilise and establish the project. These ensure that disparate teams have a common basis to deliver against in the early project stages before they get fully up to speed.
  • Structure and Governance
    We can help you design a project organisational structure in order to facilitate clear lines of communication, teamwork and seniority so that you can start delivering your commitments on time and on budget. For client organisations we can design governance structures to suit either individual projects or for repeated use on programmes and portfolios.
  • Project Controls Frameworks
    With the wealth of experience we have of complex, multi-disciplinary projects, we can develop for or advise you on the best methods and processes for ensuring that your projects remain on programme and within budget. These methods and processes would include recording progress, records storage, coordinating works streams, monitoring and controlling costs, and contractual obligations and consolidating the various parties' progress reporting into an accurate and easy to understand overall picture.
  • Portfolio, Programme and Projects
    For companies running a complete portfolio of projects, programmes or groups of concurrent projects, we can help to schedule and prioritise the projects to optimize your resource requirements and smoothen cash flows whilst still aiming to maximise your return on investment.
  • Planning
    The up-front design of the initial programme and sequence of works to be undertaken has been proven time and again to have an important bearing on the ultimate success of a project. Scheduling a complex programme of individual but related projects requires not only an understanding of the individual projects to be undertaken but also the interfaces and critical dependencies of the on-site construction process including the supply chain, procurement processes, and the statutory submission and approval steps. Our experienced planners can help you through these complex stages and produce programmes that accurately reflect the methodology, timing and complex dependencies of your projects.
  • Reporting
    Regular and accurate reporting of the progress and performance across a programme of individual projects is necessary for ensuring that all parties and parts of the programme are aligned and delivering to time and budget. This approach also gives an overall picture of the issues and successes at a high level. Usually the projects are linked by interfaces and dependencies that allow issues to be isolated and corrective action to be undertaken before there are knock on effects to subsequent projects. Our experience in developing and running reporting systems on very large projects enables us to quickly setup reporting processes and start identifying issues before they become critical. This assists you to make early informed decisions with reliable and objective facts at hand.

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