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The Contracts Group has been involved in numerous successful mediations and regards this as a more cost-efficient method to traditional ways of dispute resolution.

Mediation is increasingly used in many countries of the world as a means of resolving construction claims and disputes. It is quick, economic, and provides a better opportunity for maintaining relationships between parties than other means of dispute resolution.

To learn more about Mediation, please visit the Hong Kong International Arbitration website.

The Contracts Group have provided quantum and programming expert services in support of mediations on many disputes over the years, providing an independent expert point of view and providing reports and opinions on reasonable settlement values, both in terms of time and money. Our Clients have utilised our extensive industry knowledge and expertise to assist them with their negotiations and in order to try and achieve settlement before the matter escalates into a formal dispute proceeding.

We also have accredited mediators who have acted as Mediators in proceedings and provided a number of training events on the subject.

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