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Quantum Analysis & QS

Proper and accurate evaluation and costing of construction works causes frequent arguments and disputes amongst quantity surveyors, lawyers and project managers in the construction industry. There are numerous variances within the details of the valuation of variations, prolongation claims, disruption claims, works carried out in changed circumstances and conditions, and changed quantities of work, as well as many other items.

Our clients find our opinions on valuation of claims, variations and other matters to be very beneficial in establishing the real value of the dispute, as well as strengths and weaknesses in the quantum of the case. This can be fundamental in determining strategy and deciding whether to settle or pursue a case.

Advice can also be provided on other aspects of quantity surveying including measurement of the works, standard method of measurement (SMM) disputes, preparation of contract documents, interim payments and final accounts.

The Contracts Group have a strong background in quantity surveying, supported by engineering expertise, and are highly qualified to provide quantum advice, valuations, opinions, and quantum expert reports.

Regional Fast Rail Project

The variations and claims submissions by the Main Contractors' team facilitated the amicable negotiation and…

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Contract No. 12/WSD/06

Successful negotiations between parties leading to the settlement of accounts.

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MTRC XRL Contract 824

The prospect of the independent Expert providing opinion on unresolved matters led to a large…

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Construction of Liangtang/ Heung Yuen Wan Boundary Control Point BCP Buildings and Associated Facilities

Successful negotiations between the Main Contractor and the Employer leading to settlement of claims.

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